Voice Editing

The Voice Editor
The Voice Editor in the Gong System

In the Gong system, usually people use a microphone to record their voice. After that, a voice recording can be modified using a voice editor. This is useful for situations such as removing silence at the start and end of the recording, inserting a new recording in the middle of the current one or deleting part of the recording which is not needed.

For example, imagine a user makes a four minutes recording but after it is finished he realizes he has forgotten to speak one sentence in the middle. In this case, instead of doing the four minute recording all over again he can insert the missing speech in the middle using the voice editing function.

On the right is the Gong voice editor. Voice data is represented in the editor using loudness. The height of the line indicates how loud is the speech at the time. It is not difficult for any user to see which part of the voice recording contains speech and which part contains silence. There are three operations that can be done inside the editor. They are the delete operation, the trim operation and the insert/replace operation.

The Delete Operation

Any part of the voice data can be deleted using this operation. The following images show before and after an example deletion.

The Original Voice Data
The Voice Data Before the Delete Operation
The Voice Data after Deletion
The Voice Data After the Delete Operation

The Trim Operation

This operation removes the voice data which is NOT selected. It is particularly useful for chopping the starting and ending silence of a voice recording. From the following images, you can see the sound at the start and the end are both deleted.

The Original Voice Data
The Voice Data Before the Trim Operation
The Voice Data after Trimming
The Voice Data After the Trim Operation

The Insert/Replace Operation

New voice speech can be inserted at any point in the recording. Also part of the speech can be replaced. That means missing part can be added to the recording or a certain part of the recording can be improved by replacement. The following images show an example of replacement. The selected voice data is replaced by a new piece of recording with an approximate length of 1.5 seconds.

The Original Voice Data
The Voice Data Before the Trim Operation
The Voice Data after Replacement
The Voice Data After the Replace Operation