Styled Text Editing

A Gong Message
A Gong Message with Two Components

There are two components in a Gong message. The first one is the voice recording and the second one is the text content. In the Gong system the text content can not only be plain text but can also be formatted with different text styles.

The system supports a subset of HTML features which are very useful for writing messages. Basic text formatting such as bold, italic are included as well as other features such as alignment and hyperlinking.

The following is the list of formatting supported:

  • Font Face
  • Font Size (relative size)
  • Font Color
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Left Alignment
  • Center Alignment
  • Right Alignment
  • Hyperlinking

The Style Toolbar
The Style Toolbar for Text Editing

The user interface of the text editor is intuitive for any user to create a formatted message. A user can simply select the text and press a button to change the formatting of a certain part of the text.

The image below shows a message created with a mixture of different formattings. As you can see, the formatting can create rich text content that can create a good supplement of the voice recording in a Gong message.

Various Text Formattings
An Example of Various Text Formattings in a Gong Message